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Management Support and R&D Coaching

Asset evaluation, polyester producing facilities
Conference organization
Current state of polyester development, results of important PET conferences
De-bottlenecking of polyester producing plants, PET, Co-PET, PBT
continuous and discontinuous
Design of polymer production processes and plants
Evaluation and comparison of market polyester products
Engineering company evaluation and selection
Expert witness
Expert agency and procurement, plant start up, trouble shooting, PET
production and spinning
FDA regulatory questions and approvals
Independent investment decision support
Know How transfer
Manager training in polyester production and processing technology
Marketing support
Patent assessment
Patent litigation, expert witness (deposition English and/or German)
Patent support in filing, analysis, searching, searching tools
Patent support in writing (English and/or German)
Patent strategy support
Plant inspection and optimization
Process selection and evaluation
Process optimization
Production experience and expert witness
Quality improvement strategy
Research and development support
Seminars, customized and at customer site
Support in FDA and EEC affairs
Technology comparison in melt phase and SSP
Technical support during due diligence phases
Vendor company selection

Technical and R+D Support

AA reduction bottle PET
AA scavenger
Additives for PET
Additive slurry preparation
Aliphatic-aromatic polyester
Antimony free catalysts based on Ti, Ge, AL and Si
Alteration of processes
Analysis of polymers and raw materials and intermediates
Black spots and specks, how to avoid?
Blue toner improving polymer colour
Bottle PET, recipe design,
Capacity analysis
Catalyst influence on the quality
Catalysts, selection and evaluation for bottle ant textile polyester
Cationic dying polyester
Chain branching agents and additives
Chain extension
Chemical Abstract Selects, Polyesters, frequent relevant analysis
Chemical analysis of polymers
Continuous polymer production
Conveying of polymer chips polymer quality impact
Co-polyester, CoPET , amorphous and crystalline
Crystallinity and crystallization problems
Crystallization equipment, vendor selection
Damage and failure analysis
Deep dying polymers
Development support
Discontinuous polyester process
DMT based polyester process
Drying processes and problems
DSC of polyester, interpretation of analysis results
DTA of polyester, interpretation of analysis results
EEC regulations in PET and PA
Engineering plastics in PET, PBT, PTT and PA6
Effects of polymer additives
Electrical properties of polyester
Electrostatic pinning, pinnability of PET resin, electrical conductivity of PET melt
Esterification catalysis and kinetics
Film additives selection and preparation
Film polyester and polyamide
Film production BOPET, BOPA and APET
Filterability and filtration, melt filtration
Filter test
Filtration equipment, automatic, continuous, vendor selection
Flame retardant modifications
Functional Additive
Good Industrial Practice GIP
High speed spinning POY, FDY
High IV polyester/polyamide for technical yarn
HMLS, tyre cord and technical yarn, patent situation
Humidity impact during polyester processing, hydrolysis stabilizer
Impurities analysis and source investigation
Increasing spinning speed by polymer modification
Increasing spinning speed by polymer additives
Infrared absorber for bottle PET
Hydrolytically polymer destruction
Low AA polyester
Low IV-polyester for engineering plastic application
Low melt temperature polyester
Masterbatch development, design and production
Memory effects solid/melt phase polyester
Nano composites based on PP/PET and their production
New catalysts and stabilizer for PET
New polyester processes, NG3, low IV, evaluation and patent analysis
Old polymers as process impurities
Oligomers of polyester, origin, impact during processing
Online analytical equipment and methods
Orientation induced crystallization
Oxidative destruction and stabilization
Optical brightener
PET bottle flakes, production and quality control
Phosphor containing stabilizer and product selection
Polybutylene terephthalate PBT
Polycyclohexandimethanol terephthalate PCT
Polyethylene naphthalate PEN
Polyethylene terephthalate PET
Polycondensation catalysis and kinetics
Polymer properties processing impacts
Polymer recipe design
Polypropylene terephthalate PTT
PTA quality control, impurities
PTA based polyester process
Quality control of recycling polyester,
Quality improvements and evaluation
Raw material selection and influence
Recycling processes of PET
Relationship of processing and polyester polymer structure
Solid state polycondensation SSP of polyester and polyamide 6
SSP plant design
SSP technology
Spinning additives for POY > 4000 m/min
Spinning polymer quality problems
Spinning polymer treatment problems
Stabilizer for production and processing
Stress induced crystallization
Textile polyester production, processing
Thermal destruction of polymers and intermediates
TMA, thermo mechanical analysis of polyester
TiO2 preparation and technology
TiO2 ball milling and/or centrifugation
Transesterification, catalysis and catalyst blocking
UV destruction and stabilization
UV – protection